Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cherry on Top Award

Cherry on Top Award

We've been on vacation and look at what I came home to!!  I'm so excited my very first blog award.  Thank you Christina, I'm so very flattered that you would choose my blog.  Please check out her blog here.

I'm supposed to list three things I like about myself - Oh boy, this is hard!!
1. I'm a caring person
2. That I enjoy creating
3. I love my family and friends

The fourth thing we're do to is post our favorite picture.  This picture was taken a few years ago and I just love it.  It's of my Dad cuddling my daughter.  One of the very few I have of them being so close.

The best part, I now get to pass this award on to 5 other blogs.  Please check them out:

The rules in accepting this award are:

1. you must thank the person who passed it on to you:  Done.

2. copy award to your blog.  Done.

3. list three (3) things you love about yourself, Done

4. post a picture that you love on your blog,  Done

5. pass award on to five (5) others  Done

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Alma said...

Thank you for my FIRST award! You rock! And I love your blog! =)