Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Little Word

Happy New Year!!  Welcome 2011!

I can't believe another new year is here already.  I'm looking forward to seeing what 2011 will have in store for us.  

For the first time I am going to do Ali Edwards "One Little Word".  It's where you pick one word to have a meaning for you and focus on that.  Big Picture Classes is offering a class from Ali this year.  I have taken classes from Ali before and thoroughly enjoy her and her style. 

For my word I have chosen,  "Enjoy".   For mysef, I have found that I get so caught up in everything that we have to do in a day, that I don't enjoy all of the small and meaningul everday events. While my daughter is still young, I want to enjoy her and all of her activities.   I'm looking forward to what I'll be learning about my word and myself as this year onfolds. 

The definition of enjoy:

 To have a good time

1: to have for one's use, benefit, or lot : experience

2: to take pleasure or satisfaction in
Related to ENJOY

Synonyms: adore, delight (in), dig, fancy, get off (on), groove (on), like, love, rejoice (in), relish, revel (in), savor (also savour), be partial to, get a kick (or charge) out of, go for, have a soft spot for, take to

If you're doing this also, please drop a comment and let me know what your word for 2011 is.